Environmental policy

Our tannery has received several awards for its environmentally-friendly tanning and exemplary working conditions. Since January 2000, our products are carrying the inspection seal of the Leather Testing and Research Institute in Reutlingen, Germany:

“Produced in an environmentally acceptable way and tested for hazardous substances.“

The Testing and Research Institute of the Reutlingen Tannery School has been the only one which – in addition to the toxic substances contained in the products and tested by many other labs – provides scientific proof that the complete process of tanning and finishing from the rawhide up to the finished leathe
r complies with the strict guidelines of the standards in Germany.

Since 2005 we have been pursuing the goal of meeting the entire energy needs of our tannery by using renewable energies. In April 2007, we have planted 600.000 trees to ensure 100% supply of our tannery’s hot water demand and the combustion-generated CO2 emissions are neutralized by the new trees planted. Our tannery thus produces zero CO2 emissions and has secured its supply of renewable energies for the next 50 years.

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